Gradings are an examination of a students abilities to determine if they have the required level of training to be able to take the next step in their martial arts journey. Each step is represented by a different coloured belt. From white to yellow, green, blue, brown and then black. There are intermediate levels for each belt, where the colour of the next belt is worn as a tip on the current belt.

Each level of grading requires a different set of skills to be demonstrated. For their first grading, a demonstration of basics, patterns and traditional sparring is required. At Yellow Belt, new basics and patterns are demonstrated, and we also start adding set sparring and basic self defence as well as free sparring. Green Belts perform advanced basics and set sparring and a continuation of intermediate self defence techniques. Blue Belts and Brown Belts no longer perform basics, but they now include board breaking and fitness assessments to add to advanced forms of set sparring and self defence.

A Black Belt is one of the highest achievements anyone can obtain. Becoming a Black Belt is something that takes many years of commitment and hard work to achieve. We place great importance on having a high standard of Black Belts, and our gradings reflect this. It is a physically and mentally challenging grading, but it is not something that is out of reach. It is the accumulation of skills, knowledge and preparation that gives anyone who starts Tae Kwon Do the opportunity to obtain their Black Belt.