We structure our curriculum to easily develop our students skills in all areas of Tae Kwon Do. The foundation of our style is learning Patterns and Basics which are used to develop balance, control, combinations and confidence. Once the student has a solid understanding of these areas, they start to apply their skills by Sparring. Sparring is a major focus in developing our students. It is started within the first month of training and is generally done in every lesson.

As the student develops, their training becomes more advanced and varied. Basics are developed into Board Breaking and Pad Work to show the power and focus the student has learnt. Fitness and strength are also key components in their development towards achieving their Black Belt.

As part of our training, we also use Tournaments and Training Camps to add an extra dimension to the development of the students skills and understanding. They are used to help students set and achieve goals, as well as developing good friendships and learning advanced skills and ideas from our many instructors.

As a modern martial art, our curriculum is ever developing and expanding. We offer an open and well rounded martial art in the ever-long pursuit of our club motto “Striving for Perfection”

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