Every martial art has a foundation of techniques that a student must learn in order to become proficient in the martial way. Our students start by learning 3 basic kicks, blocks, strikes and stances for their white belt grading. These set of 3 techniques form the foundation for all of the other techniques they will learn. When practicing these techniques in class, the student will move forward performing the technique in a certain stance. As the student progresses, they practice new techniques or combination of techniques to help improve their skills. These improvements will directly affect how well they free spar or use self defence. By the time the student reaches blue belt, they will have learnt and practiced around 60 different kicks, strikes and blocks to use in Tae Kwon Do. After blue belt level we stop teaching basics and focus more on application, but there are still many more techniques to learn on the journey to becoming a Black Belt.

Patterns are another way of learning and applying techniques. Patterns are simulated forms of combat against multiple opponents. In this format, the techniques are practiced in more challenging combinations and require more control to change stance and direction while performing each technique as strongly as possible to develop speed, strength and flexibility. We have a strong emphasis on correct stances, as these form the solid foundation from where you can perform each technique to its fullest potential.