Learning Self Defence is one of the main focuses of most martial arts systems. It is also one of the main reasons why people begin training in martial arts, so they can feel safe and confident with themselves and their surroundings. Simplicity is key to effective self defence. With Tae Kwon Do being a martial art renowned for it’s kicking, it doesn’t mean it is the only way of overcoming an attacker in a defence situation. In fact, in most self defence scenarios, there will be no room to kick, so being confident and capable using close quarters techniques is extremely important.

There is always many options when confronted, we place emphasis on simple, practical and effective responses to strikes and grabs. As confidence and skill levels grow, we also teach responses that require more understanding and control of the human body. As well as developing skills against basic and difficult attacks from single opponents, when a student progresses and refines their understanding, they are introduced to defences against multiple attackers and weapons as well as how to fight from and off the ground. Self Defence is teaching your body to react calmly and confidently with the most efficient outcome for your own safety.