Sparring is the practical application of the strikes and blocks learnt by all martial arts. IMT has a strong belief in teaching students to use and apply strikes and blocks freely and without restriction. This makes them more open and adaptable to anything they may be confronted with.

Sparring. Each student takes turns to attack, learning to string strikes together as combinations and to stay mobile to defend. This is helpful at an early stage to have structure so that they can understand and apply the basics they have been taught. Another part of our training for all ranks is Set Sparring. Set Sparring is a way for students to develop focus and control over their strikes, as well as learn to recognise attacks early, so their defence can be used to initiate a counter attack. It helps to build reaction time, combinations, defence, focus and control.

Sparring at IMT is very dynamic utilising all aspects of training. We encourage students to use jumping and spinning kicks as well as getting in close and using self defence techniques like knees, elbows and takedowns. This way we gain a truly well rounded style of sparring which lets our students develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses, making them understand how to deal with as many different situations as possible.