The Institute of Modern Tae Kwon Do was founded in October 1996 by Chief Instructor Mr Peter Cameron. Previous to the formation of IMT by Mr Cameron, he was the Regional Chief Instructor of the Australian Freestyle Tae Kwon Do Academy (AFTA) Mr Cameron and many of the senior instructors became unhappy with the running of AFTA and their lack of direction and unhealthy focus on profits instead of quality martial arts.

The Institute of Modern Tae Kwon Do was formed as a not for profit company, where the focus of the instructors was to be on their students and not on running a business. This ensured that the organisation maintained a high standard of martial artists, as each instructor was teaching because they loved Tae Kwon Do and consequently passed the best of their knowledge onto their students.

The early training curriculum was very similar to that of the AFTA, but over the course of IMT’s history, the curriculum has been updated to reflect changes in training methods and openness to incorporate techniques that compliment our way of modern Tae Kwon Do. Maintaining the traditional values of Tae Kwon Do is still core to building a strong martial art. Discipline, respect, spirit, control and perseverance, these core values and our open mindedness, has kept IMT leading the way in producing skilled martial artists of all ages and abilities. Our system is designed to make the student the best that they can be and we pride ourselves on shaping and changing people’s lives through martial arts.