John Barron


2nd Degree Black Belt


John began training in 2004 with IMT at the age of 36.  He started training at the Kallangur club under Chief Instructor Peter Cameron.  The reason for joining was that he wanted to get his eldest son into a sport so decided to do it with him.
After achieving his blue belt in 2005 his son left TKD to commence triathlons.  Luckily his younger son Max decided to start training.  His training continued under Brett Parker when Chief Instructor Peter Cameron passed the class to Brett. 
He achieved his 1st degree Black Belt in mid-2008 and 6 months later was promoted to Assistant Instructor at the Kallangur class.  After several years as an assistant John was asked to open and instruct at the new Narangba club in September 2011.
John was promoted to a 2nd degree Black Belt in 2012 and was asked to take over the Murrumba Downs class.
John has only competed in the intra club tournaments with good success while working up through the ranks. 
John enjoys the challenge to teach and enjoys being able to complete a sport with his son. John likes to focus on fitness and self-defence as part of his classes as he considers these are skills all children should have.  John’s favourite part of TKD is that it is a sport that all family members can try regardless of age, gender or ability.