The Institute of Modern Tae Kwon Do is run as a Not For Profit organisation. Our instructors run their classes for the benefit of their students, so we can offer quality training at affordable prices for individuals and families. We charge on a pay by the month basis, with no obligations or contracts. There is a yearly membership fee which is paid by all students to cover insurance.

Item Price
Yearly Membership $70 per year ($60 each for families)
Juniors $60 per month (5 years - 17 years)
Seniors $70 per month (18+ years)
Additional Family Members
50% OFF
$30 per junior per month
$35 per senior per month

Additional Costs

There are other costs involved with training including uniforms, grading fees and equipment, but are not required to be paid up front. Speak to your local instructor about these additional costs and when they may be paid.

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